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East Lansing Kart Track runs the standard WKA rules. We run MG Reds for Jr Sportsman HZ 10x4. 60x5 and MG Yellows for Yamaha Jr. Yamaha Sr andTag Light/Tag Masters run MG Yellow 10x4. 60x5 fronts and 11x7. 10x5 rears. 4 Cycle Sr Lo206 and Clone may run any MG tire at this time Tires are to be purchased from the East Lansing Kart Track!!! Detailed class descriptions for 2-cycles and 4-cycles can be found at www.worldkarting.com. A detailed technical manual can be obtained through the World Karting Association.


Kid Karts
(5 - 7 years old)

Yamaha Jr. Sportsman
(8 - 12 years old, 250lbs)

Yamaha Jr. Supercan
(12 - 15 years old, 305lbs)

Yamaha Sr. Supercan
(15+ years old, 345lbs)

TAG Senior
(15+ years old)
Leopard & Motori Seven- 360 lbs
PRD Fireball- 350 lbs
Rotax FR125- 365 lbs
Vortex Rok TT- 370 lbs
Iame X-30- 370 lbs
Sonic TX125- 380 lbs

TAG Masters
(35+years old)
Leopard & Motori Seven- 400 lbs
PRD Fireball- 390 lbs
Rotax FR125- 405 lbs
Vortex Rok TT- 410 lbs
Iame X-30- 410 lbs
Sonic TX125- 420 lbs



Clone Sportsman
(8 - 12 years old, 265lbs)

Clone Junior
(12 - 15 years old, 315lbs)

4 Cycle Sr
(15+ years old, min weight of 365lbs)

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