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Mini motos up to 250ccs

We are opening track for bikes on any Open Practice day on ELKT schedule.

Rider Requirements:

-Full race leathers (one piece or two piece zipped together) in good condition for maximum protection. Equivalent full-coverage synthetic, protective, street-riding apparel allowed subject to acceptance by the technical inspector.

-Approved back protector worn under the riding suit.

-SNELL 10/15  approved full face helmet, undamaged  and in good condition.

-Helmet face shield, eyeglasses or goggles, made of shatterproof material.No tear-offs allowed.

-Full-fingered leather gloves in good condition, with no holes or other openings except for ventilation.

-Road race or MX specific boots must be worn.

-Knee pucks securely attached.



Bodywork securely attached. If any body work is removed, all bracing and fairing stays must be removed from the exposed area.

Headlights, taillights, turn signals and reflectors removed or fully taped.

License plate, and license plate bracket removed.

Mirrors removed.

Side-stand removed if lowest point (so not to hit track ).

Battery removed or completely sealed.


-self -closing throttle.

Functioning engine kill switch.

-Bar end plugs or grips on both handlebars.

-Clutch and brake levers with ball ends.

-Rear brakre lever in free working order.

-Shift lever secure.

-Front and rear brakes function properly.

-Footrests rounded on end (no sharp edge)


Wheel rims and tires in good condition, with valve stem caps in place.

Front and rear axles pinned (R clips must have ends wired shut).

Disc brake caliper bolts safety wired.

Drum brake brace pinned if applicablre (2 bolts).

Forks and shock leak-free and in good condition.

Exhaust pipe securely mounted, with bolts safety-wired and sufficient silencer (92db)

Master link clip in chain secured with Permatex or similar sealer.


-Engine surfaces free of oil, grime and dirt.

-No leaking fluids.

-Oil drain and filler plugs drilled and safety wired.

-Fuel, oil, water and any other lines carrying fluid clamped on each fitting or safety wired.

-Carb vent catch can requirement.

-Radiator overflow bottle.

-Safety wire drain and fill for engine oil.

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